Strafford High School Theatre is a department rich in history and ingrained into the school atmosphere. Students from all walks of life have participated in theatre arts at Strafford High School and the department strives to make students feel welcome and ready to experience theatre arts in all of its different forms.

Students can be involved in theatre at SHS in a multitude of different ways:

  1. Classes – There are 6 different classes offered in theatre arts. They are: Theatre I, Advanced Theatre, Theatre Management, Competitive Speech, Public Speaking (Dual Credit through Drury Universtiy-1 Semester),  Introduction to Theatre (Dual Credit through Drury Universtiy-1 Semester) .
  2. After School Theatre Program – Students are not required to be in a theatre class in order to participate in this program. This is where students work with multiple educators in order to produce different shows. The roles students play can vary based on their individual interests and goals.
  3. International Thespian Society (ITS) – This organization recognizes the theatre achievements of high school students via an honor society. Students must participate in the After School Theatre Program to earn points towards induction into ITS as well as have a certain GPA to qualify.

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